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The business world is increasingly competitive. Anticipate and seek new solutions in Information Technology is a key factor in the growth of a company in this new scenario. However, the mass deployment of an infrastructure requires a precise planning and control, once the digital components and interconnectivity of the corporate environment to the "large network" brings with it countless threats to the business customer.

Complex environments require tailored solutions and high level of quality delivered through consulting projects and diagnosis in IT security.
Our purpose is to provide full support for the implementation and management of information security of clients, helping them to define the actions needed to ensure business continuity.

Server administration
Information is currently the most valuable asset of a company. Ensuring their security is a critical activity and essential for achieving success in any organization. Manage assets, information, resources and users in a reliable, fair, structured and sustainable, it is certainly an important distinction that demonstrates the markets concern company or organization to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information.

Network dimensioning
Many companies today continue to waste money and effort by not sharing information and resources internally.
A well designed computer network is a priority for any company that even a small scale given the high cost / benefit. If your company's computers are not yet linked, please contact WEO Consulting.

Technical Support
WEO Consulting want customers to have a system of preventive care, computer security, backup and support in solving problems to ensure business continuity in case of disaster or system failure information.
The information system of a professional or a company is vital to its continuation.
Most companies have information systems evolved, with servers, backups and malware protection. However there remain serious flaws because most systems do not have any tracking.

Remote Assistance
Sometimes the best way to solve an immediate problem is to have someone explain to us how to do it on time. Remote Assistance is a convenient way to someone you trust to connect to the computer and find a solution even if that person is not physically close.

A backup solution (backup data) is the last line of defense against data loss, whether accidental or not. However, organizing the storage and manage the backup and data recovery are complicated tasks that require technical expertise and, where possible, automating the process.
In this scenario, WEO Consulting offers backup solutions (backup data) to the needs of each client. Convenient, quick and transparent, stand out not only by the effectiveness and efficiency in data recovery and synchronization, but also the best value for your business.

Nowadays, with the use of virtualization, we do not need to have multiple physical servers and different systems with different applications. We can put all the servers that need to operate on a single machine, but they work independently, as if they were separate machines. That was the big advantage that revolutionized the computing century and that gave rise to other concepts that are more in evidence, such as cloud computing.
Virtualization is simply the task of dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers and independent. It is the user who sets the amount of processor, hard drive, memory and other things that these servers will have. This causes the server to be taken full advantage, reducing costs with the purchase of equipment and energy.
Another advantage is that the number of servers is unlimited. The limitation is the server's ability to process and store all information. And if you need may at any time increase or decrease the amount of memory, disk, or virtual machine processing to maximize performance.