We, at WEO Consulting, have a wide range of tools and the experienced team members to work out the best strategies and solutions to ensure the highest return on your investment and to make your business a success. The market is waiting...

It's time to improve!

WEO Consulting offers a wide range of IT services which are tailored to each clients individual needs and requirements. We specialize in offering complete end to end solutions in which we take care of the project from start to finish and have a range of maintenance contracts available.

· Web Solutions
WEO Consulting covers full range of web development services right from a small simple CMS based site to complex web application to manage the customer business process. One of our new trend is to develop applications for the smart phones, mainly focusing in Iphone, Android, Blackberry and Symbian Nokia. read more
· Network Solutions
WEO Consulting helps clients forget about their critical data networks by providing an infrastructure that is fast, reliable, secure, and flexible. We design network solutions which scale to meet their needs as their business grows in size and complexity.
WEO Consulting provides clients with quality equipment that we install and maintain. We also offer continual preventative and emergency maintenance through our comprehensive service plans. read more
· Design Solutions
WEO Consulting has a small army of graphic designers, trained in everything from Web Design to icon design. Using the latest design and style trends and combining it with solid understandings of information architecture and layout we can create the perfect graphics and website design for your business. read more