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A management system essential for any business in any industry.

The WEO Consulting's main focus is the development of powerful information systems that support the management of clients businesses. Thus, we created a completely flexible product that adapts easily to reflect business processes and enabling the client to manage the business through a tool completely tailored to your needs.

Thus, the WEO CRM provides, through various modules, a base for the construction and development of that tool, which will join the last part, as if it were a puzzle, consisting of the client's business model.

As basic modules, can be identified:
  • Customer and Supplier Management: manage all contact information, history of contacts made, status of projects, payments, among others.
  • Product Management: manage all information products, categories, families, stock, inventory, stores, sales report, among others.
  • Project Management: allows you to monitor all the projects / works in progress, save historical information, involve customers, suppliers, payments, resources, monitor implementation (Gantt chart), among others.
  • Billing Management: Enables management and billing, refunds to customers for services rendered / products sold.
  • Account Management: manage the business accounts, with inflows and outflows of capital.
  • Human Resources Management: manage the resources available at the company, attendance, holidays, absences, private documents, access to information, among others.
  • Time Tracking Management: Allows the report of activities relating to ongoing projects to which their assets will be assigned.

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